In the food & beverage industry, product developers can spend their lives meticulously tasting, tweaking and experimenting to create the best flavours possible, turning acts of chemistry into a form of art. What if, through a framework that augments the product developer with AI, we could not only make this process faster, but also find new and innovative combinations they might otherwise never have been considered?

Join this lunchtime lecture with Thoughtworks to learn from a real-life use case of implementing AI-augmented product development, and the challenges and benefits of such an approach.

The approach is applicable to a large variety of businesses with countless opportunities for R&D departments to generate new products, recipes, and formulas using the AI-augmented approach. Register now and you may gain some inspiration for your own organisation!


Speaker bios

Vladimir Metodiev

Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks

Vladimir joined Thoughtworks in 2021 as a data scientist. Over the last decade Vlad has applied data and algorithms in order to address a wide array of domains and use cases. In the most recent years Vlad has focused on the application of AI to R&D. Working in the CPG domain; he has led the development of solutions aiming to augment the work of product developers.

Jake Luscombe

Lead Data Scientist, UK AI Market Lead, Thoughtworks 

A passionate data scientist, Jake helps organizations from across the public and private sectors leverage AI techniques to create value. His work includes advising on and delivering human-centric data science capabilities to support decision-making throughout an organization, from tactical to strategic contexts. He is currently working on bringing Thoughtworks’ global AI expertise to the UK market. 

Areas of special interest include AI ecosystems, graph analytics, augmented AI-based systems, ethical AI and CD4ML.